AREVA participates in the 2011 “cure salée” at Ingall

News brief

September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011

Niger’s Prime Minister Brigi Raffini kicked off the 2011 cure salée on September 17 at the village of Ingall, 190 km southwest of Agadez. This event is the largest get-together of Tuareg, Peulh and Arab livestock raisers from all regions of Niger and the neighboring countries of Algeria, Mali, Nigeria and Chad. As a sponsor of this event, AREVA was invited to attend as an official guest of the government.

There are estimated 35 million head of livestock (all breeds combined) in Niger, making stockbreeding the number two mainstay of the country’s economy after mineral resources. The annual cure salée is thus an event of major importance in northern Niger. This traditional three-day gathering is an opportunity for the region’s stockbreeding communities to meet and talk, vaccinate their animals, and attend sessions where they learn more about animal diseases. This get-together is also a festive event with activities that help keep cultural traditions alive.

The main themes of the 2011 cure salée were development, social unity, and consolidation of peace. Besides livestock raisers, several members of the government, diplomatic and consular representatives, and political, administrative and tribal officials were on hand.

As a prelude to the festivities, Niger’s radio and television network ORTN aired a live broadcast from Agadez that was sponsored by AREVA. Four representatives of the Group in Niger were invited to participate in the program alongside the region’s governor, Colonel Major Garba Maikido. This broadcast offered a chance to highlight the Group’s activities in Niger and its social actions to aid the country’s people.