AREVA contributes to the installation of a shock trauma unit at the Gamkalley clinic in Niamey

News brief

September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011

The new shock trauma unit* at the Gamkalley clinic in Niamey was inaugurated on August 29. AREVA has supported this project by enabling a French emergency physician, Professor Bordonado, to come to Niger and provide his expertise in setting up such units.

Financed by the clinic, the unit is equipped with defibrillators, an electrocardiograph and respiratory support devices and is now operational. Its purpose is to stabilize the condition of emergency patients, who may then be evacuated, if necessary. It is the first shock trauma unit in Niger.

Professor Bordonado will be replaced shortly by Doctor Ngondara, another French emergency physician, who will be assigned full time to the Gamkalley clinic to train and assist Nigerien emergency physicians.

Through this new aid initiative aimed at raising the quality of Niamey’s medical facilities, AREVA reaffirms its active commitment to continually improving the living conditions of the people of Niger.

*A shock trauma unit provides intensive care to a patient in shock and suffering from an existing or potential life-threatening condition.