Niger : Official handover ceremony for a well in the village of Tafadak

September 11, 2014

On September 14, 2014, our Group officially handed over a well for the people living in the village of Tafadak, in northern Niger. The ceremony was attended by municipal officials of the district of Tchirozerine, representatives of the association “Le Puits du Désert” (The Desert Well), the NGO Tidène, the village head and people of Tafadak.

The social projects coordinator for the mining companies SOMAÏR and COMINAK noted in his speech that a particularity of the village – it has hot springs that attract many people but no source of drinking water – had prompted AREVA to finance the well.

Local officials thanked AREVA for its support and also paid tribute to the association "Le Puits du Désert" and its local partner, the NGO Tidène, for their involvement in preparing, searching for funding, and carrying out the project.

Everyone made a commitment to see that the well will be properly maintained so that it will continue to supply drinking water to the villagers for a long time to come.

Representatives of “Le Puits du Desert” and Tidène said they hoped this project will be the starting point for a fruitful partnership with AREVA to help achieving the goal of providing every village with a modern source of water.